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Bluetooth Password Reset

If you've got a new phone and your getting an error that says "Incorrect Password" you will need to Press and Hold the Reset Pairing button the controller, You will see all three lights blink, continue holding for another 5 seconds and all three lights will blink again. Release the button go to the iOS Bluetooth settings, tap on the small blue i on the iWater listing and then click "Forget Device".

You can now pair up afresh and you'll be off to the races. If you still have issues, reset the factory defaults in the settings area of the app.

Can I Install this controller myself?

Sure, If you already have underground sprinklers with a timer it may only take 5 minutes to swap the wires from the old controller to the iWater Wizard.

Can I water my grass remotely, from a fishing boat?

No, The iWater Wizard was designed to be a super easy way to adjust your watering schedules, watering the grass automatically even when you are away.  If you make changes to the schedule while you are at the office (or on a fishing trip), they will be synchronized to the controller when get home and are in Bluetooth range.

Do you also sell the Rain Sensor? Is it Required?

It's not "required" but it sure is nice to have... We don't yet sell rain sensors, but you can use any commercially available rain sensor. Be sure to select or configure your sensor to "Normally Closed" (this is pretty standard)

Does your controller support Even / Odd watering?

Yes! Even / Odd watering has been supported since app version 1.4

We even support every 2nd Even/Odd and 3rd Even/Odd.

How hard is it to wire up, It seems like alot of connections.

It's really quite easy, Here is an explanation of the connections from Left to Right.

Power Input - (on the underside)
This is a basic barrel connector, just like you would find on a Wi-Fi Router or USB hub with a AC wall adaptor. Just plug the adaptor into the wall and plug the other end into the iWater Wizard

Auxiliary Power
- This is in case you want to connect your old power supply that just has two bare wires or you have to extend the wires because you do not have a AC outlet near the iWater Wizard. It's wired in parallel to the main Power Input. Connect one or the other, not both.

Zone Common - This is the common connection to all your zone valves. Basicly all valves will have two wires - one wire from each valve is all bundled grouped together at the valves into one white wire and this is the "common" wire. If you have banks of valves in two locations, you will have two common wires.

Rain Sensor - You can optionally connect a wired rain sonsor to these two connections - any commercially available rain sensor (Normally Closed) will work fine.

Zone's 1 to 12 - These connections are where you would connect the other wire from each of your zones valves.

Master Valve - This would Connect to your "Master Valve" or "Pump Trigger Relay"

What is a "Zone"?

Sprinkler zones refers to a group of sprinkler heads that are all controlled by one valve. The iWater Wizard can control an astonishing 12 Zones plus a Master Valve.

What size wire will this Controller accept?

The industry standard for sprinkler wiring is 18AWG, However the spring loaded wire connectors will accept anything between 24AWG and 14AWG

What Voltage is it? AC or DC?
The controller requires 24 Volts AC, the wall adapter is included for use in North America. Users from Europe or Australia will need to source an AC adapter for your mains that outputs 24VAC at 750mA. This will be a common item at your local home improvement store that sells irrigation valves.

The controller outputs 24VAC to the valves, this is the standard for irrigation valves.
Will this work with my iPhone, iPad or iPod?

The iWater Wizard will work with any device running iOS 5.1 or newer.  The easiest way to confirm it will work with your device is to download the app, If you can launch the app - it will work for you. Click here to download the iWater Wizard App

With it work in my Country?

Yes, Bluetooth works Everywhere. However, our controller includes a 110VAC to 24VAC Transformer which is intended for use in North America. If you're from Europe or Australia for example, you'll need to source your own 24VAC wall adapter. Fortunately, this is a pretty standard specification for Irrigation Systems and you probably already have one from your old controller. If you need to buy one, you should have no problem sourcing it from the irrigation section of your home improvement retailer.

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